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Crying myself to sleep tonight.

night everyone.

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Jhene Aiko ft. Avery Storm | The Worst (Download Link)

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Lemme keep it all inside, keep lying.

Telling you I’m fine, but inside I’m falling apart.

I want a friend i can talk to at night….

We all have our reason to lock someone out of our lives. People who think they know me and try to help me is a way to shut you out. I know you are being kind and all, but most people think they can just look at me and already know my life. No. You can’t just expect to know someone like that. Also those people who say “it’s ok I been in the same place” NO! We all see things differently and we all act differently. Our problems could be the same, but how we react to them is what makes me different from you. I just hate how people will compare their life to mines, even though they don’t know how I live. If you want to help someone don’t just go with it. Put some feeling, love, and care. Take the time to get to know them, or leave them alone. All cuts heal differently, and all medicines have their owe special  healing effects. 

That moment you can’t stop thinking about that one person. You just think about the first day you started talking or the day you met face to face for the first time. Thinking of cute things you would do for this other person. Just imagining them right her next to you, and can’t wait to talk to them again.